3 simple steps to visualize your geocaches

GSAK mycacheye visualisierung
1. GSAK: select the caches
you want to see
2. Export data with
myCachEye.gsk macro
3. Display your caches
within CACH'EYE!

At a glance: Instructions in a short video.

The steps more in detail

  1. Filter only the caches you want contained in your map.
  2. Execute myCachEye.gsk macro.
  3. Choose the options requested.

    • Coordinates to use
        Corrected: caches are displayed at the corrected coordinates.
        Original: caches are displayed at the original coordinates.
    • Export to CACH'EYE: this option should always be checked; otherwise no data will be exported to your CACH'EYE map!
    • Launch CACH'EYE after Export: shall the browser be started immediately after the data has been exported? When checked, the following options will take effect:
        Use dynamic view: size and position will be set to see all the caches which have been exported.
        Use default view: the "default view" stored within CACH'EYE will be displayed.
        Use fixed view at center: starting your browser the focus will be placed according to "Fixed View Properties".
    • How to show founds
        Show with checkmarked icon: caches you have already found will be shown with a checkmark in the icon.
        Show without checkmarked icon: already found and not found caches have the same icon.
    • How to deal with GCVotes for filtering
        Votes already stored in GSAK with GCVoteGrabber.gsk: Votes (average and count) stored within GSAK by GCVoteGrabber.gsk are exported to CACH'EYE. If there is only an average, the count will be set to 0 and a warning will be displayed.
        Retrieve GCVotes from dosensuche.de during export (slow!): votes will be retrieved from dosensuche.de during export. This will be slower than GCVoteGrabber.
        Don't use GCVotes for filtering: votes won’t be used within CACH'EYE for filtering.
    • Use alternate Browser: an alternate browser than systems default one will be started.
  4. Caches and waypoints can now be viewed on CACH'EYE.

Note: The personal cache map can then be displayed directly at the URL http://username.cacheye.org. As username enter your own CACH'EYE username.

Copyright Notice

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Geocaching Cache Icons Copyright 2012 Groundspeak Inc.
Used with Permission.