Installation Requirements

1. Web-Browser (MS Internet Explorer, Firefox from version 3 up to 51.0.1) with internet connection and MS Silverlight plug-in installed.
2. Optionally GSAK starting from version 7.5 by CWE Computer Services
3. Optionally GSAK-Macro myCachEye.gsk
4. Optionally GSAK-Macro GCVoteGrabber by Olfi (optional)

Installation Instructions

1. MS Silverlight: If Silverlight isn’t installed on your PC yet, a window for installation will pop up in the browser after entering "http://<yournickname>".

2. GSAK: If GSAK isn’t installed yet, you need to download and install it. You can find instructions for it on the GSAK homepage. You can then load your pocket queries into GSAK. For receiving pocket queries we recommend a premium membership at

3. Export Macro: You need to install the macro myCachEye.gsk (in the download section) within the GSAK program. You can find instructions on how to install macros on the GSAK homepage.

4. GCVoteGrabber: Optionally, you can install the GSAK macro, GCVoteGrabber, within GSAK. GCVotes will then be updated quickly and easily in GSAK and you can import them into CACH'EYE too. That’s only necessary if you want to filter by the votes in CACH'EYE! They are displayed even if you haven’t exported them.

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Copyright Notice

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Geocaching Cache Icons Copyright 2012 Groundspeak Inc.
Used with Permission.