German appears to be the optional language if you select 'English'

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Bild von spacebat
Beigetreten: 02/17/2012

I want to 'Create content' but the language that I ampresented with to do this is German!!! Indeed, the title at the top of this page is 'Create Forenbeitrag', and the required box above is 'Betreff:'. These appear to be in German, but I don't speak German. Is this some kind of a joke?
I notice that there are only 3740 registered users with CachEye. Maybe there would be more if the language option could be sorted

Bild von kreizweh
Beigetreten: 10/22/2009
Not a Joke

Hi spacebat,
please ignore the create content button, which is not needed to import caches into your map.

if you want to read excellent tutorials in english language on how to use CACH'EYE we recommend
the following links:

kreizweh (Team CACH'EYE)

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