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I updated my GSAK macro to Version 1.3. Since then, the caches are no longer displayed on Cach'Eye. I hope this is just some setting, that I didn't set correctly.

When opening Cach'Eye from GSAK, I don't get any error messages and it seems that the caches are imported. The map gets the correct focus, e.g. to Belgium instead of Vienna.

I also tried importing a .zip directly into Cach'Eye. I get a successful completion dialogue, telling me how many caches were importet. But again, no caches shown on the map.

I tried it both with Internet Explorer 7 and Firefox Version 7.0.1.
I tried it on two different computers, one with XP and one with Win7.
I tried different settings. Add/Update caches yes and no. Delete old caches yes and no. Skip, suppress yes and no.

I really have no idea why nothing is shown but a "blank" map.

I hope you can help. I really love Cach'Eye and got so used to working with it that I don't know anymore how to plan my trips.

Best regards,

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Empty map

Hello inaauswien!

Most probably there is a problem with your filter settings.
Your latest filter settings are stored and are still effective when you log in the next time.
These settings are not set to default at the beginning of a new session or after an import of a new dataset!

I hope this information solves your problem.

cbba (Team CACH'EYE)

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Beigetreten: 03/06/2010
Hi cbba, thanks a lot for

Hi cbba,

thanks a lot for your help. Didn't know that the filters are stored and of course I didn't remember that I set a filter in a session before.

So everything is fine again and I can use my beloved Cach'Eye again.

Ina aus Wien

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