New macro version 1.3.0 released

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Beigetreten: 10/22/2009

This version brings some new features.

Add/Update Caches: Choosing this option when importing your caches results in adding all new caches to your map and updating all caches which were imported earlier with the actual information. If this action results in more caches than the maximum amount limit, an error message is displayed. To avoid this, you can either load a smaller amount of caches to be added or choose the „Delete oldcaches“ option

Delete oldcaches when limit is exceeded: If this option is checked the old content of your map is deleted and only the new content will be displayed.

Only export first XX caches: With this version you are able to limit the count of caches which are exported to the given number. You don't have to try to match the count by only using the GSAK filtering mechanisms.

Sorting: To work the „Only export first“ option meaningfully the caches are sorted by distance to your actual certer point.

Populate ToDo list „GSAK“: Using this option you are able to populate the „Todo List“ during exporting your GSAK data. This feature is limited to 30 caches! You can see these caches after the export process in the Todo List „GSAK“ as well as on your map. Deleting entries from this Todo List is only possible within the CACH'EYE application in your browser!

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