Where is my todo-lists

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Bild von lainen
Beigetreten: 08/03/2010

I have made a lot of todo-lists in cac'eye. Today there were all gone. Only the default is there that is empty. I am very sad about that. How coul'd that happen?

Bild von cbba
Beigetreten: 10/22/2009
ToDo-List Restore

Hello Lainen!

First of all: Sorry for the inconvenience also from my side!
And now for the good news: We restored the last state of your file, which we could find in our backups.
I hope you don't miss too much entries you added during your last session.

I was also able to locate the error in one of our serverside scripts and fixed it!
So everthing should be fine from now on.

Anyway: thank you for telling us this problem!

cbba (Team CACH'EYE)

Bild von lainen
Beigetreten: 08/03/2010
ToDo-list restored

My ToDo-lists where back today :D I'm very happy about that. Thanks a lot.

Best regards Lainen

Bild von kreizweh
Beigetreten: 10/22/2009
Re: Where is my todo-lists

Hi lainen,
we are currently analyzing the problem and are trying to recover
the last good state of your lists.
Please do not build new lists in the meantime since
these will be overwritten during recovery.
I will come back to you as soon as possible.
Sorry for that inconvenience.
kreizweh (Team CACH'EYE)

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